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Can Tricases rotomolding cases be airdropped?

扫一扫!Can Tricases rotomolding cases be airdropped?扫一扫!
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Introduction: How can the air-rolling plastic cases be air-dropped, can the rotomolding cases be air-dropped, and what are the technical requirements for the military rotomolding cases? Is the special military air-drop case a rotomolding case?

  Airdrop case is an important equipment for air supply replenishment of military materials. In the entire airdrop, it is necessary to protect the materials from entering the water and dust. The case itself needs to be strong enough to avoid falling damage and to disperse the materials and equipment.

  Military airdrops are generally airless with umbrellas and airdrops with umbrellas. Most of the airdrops without umbrellas can be directly dropped on the surface of the water. This has high requirements for the waterproofness of the rotomolding case. The airless airdrop on the ground has strict requirements on the angle, height and speed of the airdrop, and the case body also has the characteristics of impact resistance.

  Recently, the customer who cooperated for the first time asked whether the three-armed rotomolding case could be air-dropped. The three-armed rotomolding airdrop case was airdroped in compliance with the airdrop standard. There is no problem. Because the three military airdrops meet the international military standards, the waterproof level reaches IP65, and passed a number of military anti-shock tests, so whether it is water surface airdrops, ground airdrops can be competent, customers can rest assured in normal use. Rotomolding airdrop boxes can also be tailored to the required airborne materials and equipment, ensuring the safety of materials and equipment even under the violent vibration of airdrops.

  Customers who are interested in purchasing custom rotomolding airdrop cases can enjoy the double eleven profit discounts of the three military lines in the near future. For details, please contact the customer representative.

Attached to the three military marching rotomolding airdrop case technical standards and parameters:

testing report:

1. MIL-STD-810F 512.4 (Federal Test Standard Immersion Test)

2. MIL-STD-810F 514.5 (US Federal Test Method Vibration Test Standard)

3, FED-STD-101C (US federal test method low temperature drop standard)

4, ATA300 (Air Transport Association standard drop hammer impact)

5, ASTMIP65 (IP waterproof and dustproof protection level)

6, ASTMB4169.DC-18 (American Society for Testing and Materials Rain Test)

7, STANAG4280 (NATO waterproof and moisture-proof standard agreement)

IP protection level test: ASTM IP65 (IP waterproof and dustproof protection level)

Dust sprinkling No dust entering; the tank is immersed in water, no water infiltration during standard water pressure

Low temperature drop test: FED-STD-101C (US Federal Test Method Low Temperature Drop Standard)

The case body is loaded with 14KG weight, 0.64m height, and the angular surface is free to fall 26 times.

Vibration / Rain Test: ASTMB4169, DC-18 (US Federal Test Method Vibration Test Standard)

120 minutes 5-50 Hz violent vibration, 3 axial, 40 minutes per axis, rainfall 100mm per hour, 40 minutes of rain on 6 faces

Drop hammer impact test: ATA300 (Air Transport Association standard drop hammer impact)

3.2cm in diameter, the tip is hemispherical, weighs 6KG, 0.5m high impact

Waterproof test: MIL-STD-810F—512.4 (Federal Test Standard Immersion Test)

Water depth 1m water pressure 1.5psi, duration 1 hour