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Custom case for data tape transport

扫一扫!Custom case for data tape transport扫一扫!
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Introduction: Where can I buy a special case for data tape transport? Where can I buy a professional case for data tape? Fujifilm's professional manufacturer of data tape transport.

Data tape transport case

Data tape transport box

  LTO cassette tapes and enterprise tapes are important data storage carriers. The storage conditions are very high, and they need to be waterproof, shockproof and protected from other pollutants. Therefore, the requirements for transportation conditions are more stringent. When carrying out data maintenance or data tape transfer, it is very important to use a professional data tape shipping box. Once the data tape is damaged, the key data is difficult to recover. The high-strength protective box can perfectly solve various environmental challenges during transportation.

  The three military data belt professional transport cases have a number of patented technologies, which can protect the security of data belts in extremely harsh environments. The high-strength box has a waterproof rating of IP67, which can ensure that external pollutants cannot enter the box. The patented lock is firmly locked in the box and will not open even if it is dropped. Can be customized according to different LTO tray size boxes and internal shock-absorbing sponge.

  When you need to transport data tapes from one location to another, to achieve your company's commercial and patent protection requirements. The three military data belt professional box can provide you with the perfect solution.

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