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Development Trend of China 's Equipment Manufacturing Industry

扫一扫!Development Trend of China 's Equipment Manufacturing Industry扫一扫!
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In terms of equipment manufacturing industry, the two fusion is the deep combination of informatization and industrialization, and its core is based on information technology, the pursuit of sustainable development model. In view of China's equipment manufacturing industry, the status of information technology development, extension of consultation in the equipment manufacturing industry through the construction of information technology for many years of work experience, combined with the two sides of the integration of the two concerns and attention to the introduction of some policy forecasts, the future equipment manufacturing industry will be in the following Three aspects to achieve a better integration with information technology. 

Technology integration

 Technology integration is the organic integration of industrial technology and information technology in the equipment manufacturing industry, on the one hand to generate new technology, on the other hand to promote technological innovation.

 Industry integration

 Industrial integration refers to the infiltration of information technology or products into equipment products, increase its technical content.

 Management integration

 Management integration refers to the application of information technology to management processes, business processes and design, manufacturing all aspects of equipment manufacturing enterprises to promote business innovation and management upgrades.

 Equipment manufacturing industry information technology to achieve technology, product and management of the three levels of deep integration, and are inseparable from each other, will become an important way to equipment manufacturing transformation and upgrading.