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FAQ on customized case

扫一扫!FAQ on customized case扫一扫!
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Shanghai Tricases as provide customized services manufacturers, often encounter some customers to inquire about customization issues. Tricases have specifically listed the following common questions, hoping to give customers to help: 

1.Can change color of protective case?

 A: Yes. Change the color need to change the raw materials, in general, the dark color of the protective case more durable than the light color. However, at the customer's request, we can change the color of the protective case to white, red, camouflage, brown, brown, dark green, gray and so on.

 2.how many the color of the custom volume?

 A: In general ,it is 200 set. However, this requires reference to the specific colors you need. Depending on the depth of the color, MOQ may also increase or decrease.

 3.can punch, print on the top case?

 A: Yes. The location of the punch requires you to provide drawings, or you provide specific dimensions. We need to do positioning board.

 4.The protective case can be installed panel and monitor it? 

A: Yes. The case has a slot that can be easily fixed to the panel or monitor; some casees do not have a slot, but can be fixed with a punch, mounting screw. The display is generally fixed in the cover part.

 5. the protective case can be coupled with the strap, password lock? 

A: Yes. Three armored protective case with a lock hole, you can install the strap and password lock.

 6. I would like to customize a specific size of the case, can you? 

A: custom case size, need to open mode. The specific cost of mold is related to the size of the case you need.

 7.I fancy you a case, but it does not have bars and wheels. Any good ideas?

 A: We can put the wheels on the wheels and bars, but usually the exterior type.

 8.your goods will not be long?

 A: No. We have our own mold, can be arranged at any time production. Large quantities of supply are not a problem.

 9.I would like to customize your M2100, made of white. What time is it time to make a white sample?

 A: Because the injection of production is in bulk, so only a sample is not practical. We recommend that you purchase our existing type of protective case, recognized quality, we can batch change color.