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Hong Kong riots aroused public outrage Tricases resolutely safeguard the unity of the motherland

扫一扫!Hong Kong riots aroused public outrage Tricases resolutely safeguard the unity of the motherland扫一扫!
人气:-发表时间:2019-08-16 13:19【

The Hong Kong independence elements created riots, openly challenged national sovereignty, and aroused the indignation of the whole people. The three armed forces resolutely safeguarded national unity and territorial sovereignty.

Recently, some extremists secretly supported by foreign anti-China forces have been continually creating violent assaults in Hong Kong. These people are unscrupulous and continue to carry out illegal processions and gatherings with black masks, defiled the national emblem and surrounded the police station. The upgrade has seriously provoked China’s national sovereignty and consistently adhered to the bottom line of the one country, two systems, which has greatly affected the daily life of the people of Hong Kong and made the mainland compatriots feel chilling.

This group of thugs is not afraid to do anything under the banner of "Hong Kong independence". They openly challenge national sovereignty and unity and unity. They will be sanctioned by law. They also hope that the country can bring this group of mobs to justice as soon as possible and restore the peace of Hong Kong as soon as possible. Maintain social order.

As the first-line brand of domestic security protection boxes, Tricases must be the backbone of the unity and solidarity of the motherland. At the same time, the three series of different protective boxes also provide better security measures for the armed police forces. Our safety box products are constantly Adjustment and improvement, trying to provide better protection performance and contributing to national defense construction. At the same time, we have consistently adhered to the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-drop and impact-resistant products, and continue to make this advantage even better, no matter in any environment. Can meet the needs of customers.

With the continuous development of the society, there are more and more requirements for safety box products in various industries. Since 2019, the three-armed safety protection box manufacturers have further accelerated the development speed of new products, and various types of rack boxes and Airdrop boxes have been put into production and sales, greatly enriching the product range and meeting the needs of many parties. In the future, we will also improve more models for small injection box production, so stay tuned!