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India shoots down its own aircraft and destroys its own helicopter

扫一扫!India shoots down its own aircraft and destroys its own helicopter扫一扫!
人气:-发表时间:2019-10-09 13:34【

Introduction: What happened to the Indian Air Force shooting down its own aircraft? Why did India shoot down its own aircraft, and the missiles shot down their own aircraft?

  When the two sides of India and Pakistan were in friction over Kashmir in February this year, a Indian Mi-17 helicopter was shot down. In the same month, Pakistani propaganda shot down two Indian fighters and captured a pilot. On the 4th of this month, the Indian Air Force confirmed that the fighters that were shot down in February were shot down by their own air-to-air missile attacks.

  Why did the Indian Air Force shoot down its own helicopters with missiles? It is reported that the Indian ground forces did not operate the "enemy-identification system" according to the specifications, causing the missiles to shoot down their own helicopters. The problem of the non-standard operation of the "enemy-identification system" in India is not the first time. As early as 2018, the C180 crash of the Indian Air Force was also caused by the irregular operation of the "enemy identification system". The Su-30 fighter aircraft that was introduced to India in June of the same year also crashed for this reason.

  Military operations and military equipment require strict and serious treatment because of their particularity. The repeated rigorous attitude of the Indian military has caused huge losses to be difficult to estimate. As a supplier of military safety protection boxes, the three military lines have been adopted by the troops. They have always treated each box with a strict production attitude. Under the increasingly severe international situation, domestic equipment will be more extensive. Used in the army. In the face of increasing military demand, the three military units will take the Indian oolong as a guide and will challenge the large number of demanding needs with more rigorous and serious production and research and development.