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Mavic 2 original safety case

扫一扫!Mavic 2 original safety case扫一扫!
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As a lightweight consumer-grade aerial flagship, the Davic Mavic 2 is equipped with the same type of portable aerial drones. Its custom Hasselblad camera is the best in the camera. Davic Mavic 2 is the flagship of consumer-grade aerial photography, and the price is relatively high. The professional version has reached 9888. When carrying out shooting, a slight bump into the water is likely to cause a large loss.

Therefore, it is important to have a Mavic 2 dedicated security case. When choosing the Mavic 2 safety protection case, the two most important points are waterproof and shockproof. The “Royal” Mavic 2 safety protection case of the three military lines can fully meet these two protection requirements. As a professional manufacturer of all kinds of military equipment protection casees, Sanjunxing has rich experience in the design and production of UAV safety casees. Its Mavic 2 safety protection case has undergone rigorous high and low temperature cycle test and US military vibration drop test. . In the face of the sun, rain, falling and other harsh environments during the journey, you can calmly deal with the drones in a dry and safe storage environment.

  The inside of the cabinet is specially designed for Mavic 2 and various accessories. The lined EVA sponge can be precisely fitted with the drone and accessories. Even if it encounters severe bumps, the interior will not shake. The internal space of the cabinet can simultaneously store the aircraft, remote control, 3 spare batteries, power adapter, car charger, battery housekeeper, power cord, battery-charge treasure converter, ND mirror kit and 1 pair of spare propellers. Carry out, one case, no messy storage of all kinds of equipment.