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Military High Strength Instrument Case Features

扫一扫!Military High Strength Instrument Case Features扫一扫!
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Military high-strength instrument case with the following characteristics: 

First, the overall high strength 

Steel frame structure and fiber reinforced plastic surface material organic combination, the overall injection molding, and in the case and the case between the seal structure, can make the product impact resistance, compression, anti-deformation, anti-collision and other properties relative to other materials New breakthrough.

 Second, good adaptability

 The physical and chemical properties of the case are stable and adapt to various environments. Wood case is easy to damp moldy; iron case insulation poor, stripping rust, easy to deformation; plastic case is low temperature and low strength; However, fiber reinforced plastic surface material acid, alkali, salt, temperature, so this product Suitable for high temperature drying, swamp salinity, low temperature in the north, oil field, such as acid and other harsh environmental use and storage. 

Third, the structure of light, compact

 The weight of the case than the reduction of 43% -30%; than the wooden case to reduce 36% -20%; at the same time up and down the interface with the mouth of the case with the mouth, and sealing the sealing material in the concave groove, the gap control at a minimum, To achieve dust effect.

 Fourth, the code put convenient

 The upper and lower sides of the case are provided with corresponding humanoid ribs, which makes the case code convenient and neat and smooth when transported and stored.

 Fifth, anti-electric, anti-magnetic, anti-radiation, anti-shock

 case material for the insulation material, and the case lining according to the needs of users with a variety of corresponding materials to achieve anti-magnetic, anti-radiation, seismic performance.

 Six, multi-functional

 Can be customized according to the size of the user case or according to the size of the packaging object to change the lining, can store and store a variety of shapes of the items, such as: shells, tools, equipment and so on.