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The 13th China-ESEAN Expo in Vietnam

扫一扫!The 13th China-ESEAN Expo in Vietnam扫一扫!
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During June 16th and June 18th 2016, Tricases was attending the 13th China-ESEAN Expo in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This was a successful exhibition for Tricases. Masses of visitors gathered in the booth and asked questions about the protective equipment cases. Before the expo ended, all the injection molded M-series cases had been sold out. Besides, some custoemers expressed their plans for cooperations with Tricases in Vietnam.

Here we appreciate all the visitors, and hope to establish long-term business relations with all custoemers.


Tricases intends to establish wholesale or agents in Hanoi. All who are interested to be our wholesellers and agents contact us for more details, please.

e-mail: cases@tricases.com