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Tricases cases are used in the military, fire-fighting and troops

扫一扫!Tricases cases are used in the military, fire-fighting and troops扫一扫!
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Life is precious, safety first. Fire, rescue, military police risked life every day to protect the lives of the masses of the people and property security, special work requires staff in the nick of time to rely on their related equipment to complete a specific task, in the face of emergency situations, Must be in the first time safe and smooth access to equipment and equipment. 

The special performance of Tricases case is in any case can give the case equipment perfect protection, impact resistance, resistance to a variety of climate so that you need time to quickly open the case for the first time such as: heart pacemaker , Thermal imager, life detector, the corresponding device and harmful substances detector, search and rescue robot. No matter which emergency response department you have, your equipment is absolutely safe in the Tricases safety case.