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Tricases safety cases are used in the aerospace industry

扫一扫!Tricases safety cases are used in the aerospace industry扫一扫!
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Now the business people, the frequency of the aircraft is increasing. It is extremely important to keep the normal operation of electronic equipment in the itinerary. However, carrying these fragile electronic devices there are many problems such as: shell pressure rupture, shielding signals, hard disk or lens damage caused by data loss. In the event of a problem, it may cause you to disappear in a matter of weeks or more, and you are willing to take on expensive equipment repair costs, fear that the equipment will be damaged again, or will you choose a once and for all solution?

 Now the "Tricases" security case to provide you with the perfect solution. No matter where you encounter any situation, your computer, projector, printer, memory and other sensitive equipment on the world's most powerful, sealed waterproof, automatic adjustment of the air pressure inside the "Tricases" air case will be Get shock, compression, dust, moisture protection, it is definitely the best partner for your business trip.