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What are the domestic rack cases similar to the Pelican rack case?

扫一扫!What are the domestic rack cases similar to the Pelican rack case?扫一扫!
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Introduction: What are the similar racks with Pelican? The domestic racks are similar to those of Pelican. What is the difference between Pelican and the three military lines?

Three military line domestic rack case

As a foreign imported brand, Pelican is well-known in the safety case and rack case industry, and has been a mainstream product in the US market. Because of its import characteristics, the domestic sales price includes a large part of the logistics transportation costs, which are passed on to consumers. In recent years, Sino-US trade friction has intensified, and the demand for replacing imported cabinets with domestic racks is increasing. Many customers who do not understand the domestic brand three military lines will inevitably have doubts. Can the three military lines be used as domestic rack case protection capabilities? Compete with Pelican to match the device size.

Take the standard rack case as an example. The standard rack is used inside the Pelican and the three military lines. Therefore, as long as the equipment that can be installed normally in the Pelican rack case can be installed normally in the three military rack case. . The degree of protection achieved by the Palecker and the three-armor racks is almost the same, which means that both racks can withstand the same complex environmental challenges. At the same time, under the same size, the three military lines are lighter than Pelican and are more friendly to manual handling.

In summary, there is no gap between the protection performance of the Pelican and the three military forces, and the three military lines are more portable. Therefore, many users in foreign countries gradually began to replace the Pelican with the three military lines. China has entered the reform and opening up for 40 years. For example, the high-level attribute enterprises of the three military lines are also moving forward. Improving their own technological level is also improving our technical self-confidence. I believe that the users who read this article have already selected the rack case. There are counts in my heart.

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