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What kind of packing case for precision instrument transportation, how to choose precision instrument case

扫一扫!What kind of packing case for precision instrument transportation, how to choose precision instrument case扫一扫!
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As a special kind of instrument and equipment, precision instruments have always been of great value and value. With the continuous development of China's technology, more and more manufacturers of precision instruments and equipment have been born. Precision instruments are manufactured from manufacturers and then transported to the purchaser. The transportation process during this period is very important, and the precision instruments used in transportation are transported. The case is especially important.

Traditional precision instruments are transported, mostly wrapped in plastic foam paper, and the outer layer is then packed in wooden crates. The advantage of this is that the cost is very low, but the multiple use can not have a certain impact on the environment. If it is exported to foreign countries, the wooden crates must also be sterilized. If water and water are encountered during transportation, the traditional plastic foam paper and wooden case are difficult to provide all-round protection against water and shock.

   The safety protection case launched by the three military lines can protect the precision instruments in all directions, and the waterproof and shockproof protection functions have all obtained military-level certification. The internal shock absorbing lining can also be customized according to the appearance of the precision instrument. The instrument is stored in the lining of the composite body in all directions, and the safety of the precision instrument can be guaranteed even if the drop occurs.