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Why do Koreans get together to "pilgrimage" in Shanghai?

扫一扫!Why do Koreans get together to 扫一扫!
人气:-发表时间:2019-08-20 10:15【

Introduction: Why do Koreans get together in Shanghai for pilgrimage, how are Koreans getting together in Shanghai, what is the truth, why are so many Koreans going to Shanghai?

  Recently, due to trade frictions between Japan and South Korea, South Korea will remove Japan from the "white list" in September. The Korean people have always been known for their patriotism. In the case of tight trade relations between Japan and South Korea, South Korea has set off a wave of boycotting travel to Japan. And to Shanghai "pilgrimage."

  Why does South Korea’s democracy choose Shanghai’s “pilgrimage”? The reason is that the seat of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea is in Shanghai. Since the merger of Japan and South Korea on the Korean peninsula, the Republic of Korea’s government in exile was established in Shanghai in 1919. It is also from here that the Republic of Korea formally established the abolition of the monarchy and convened the first government representative meeting. The first constitution of the Republic of Korea is also in Shanghai. Adopted by the interim government. Today, the South Korean government also established the temporary exile government in Shanghai in 1919 as the first year of the founding of the Republic of Korea. Therefore, the government of exile in Shanghai was called the "Sacred Temple of the Korean National Independence Movement." The people chose to come to the holy place of the anti-Japanese independence movement during the period of trade friction between Japan and South Korea. It also expressed the attitude of "anti-Japanese" in this spirit.

  In recent years, trade frictions have occurred in many countries, such as China, Japan, Japan and South Korea. Once mutual sanctions are imposed, it is a heavy blow to be unable to raise the banner. With the attitude of high-quality domestic products, Tricases have been moving forward and have reached the international advanced level in the field of military equipment, special equipment and precision instruments. Under the same size and protection standards, the three military security case, instrument case, and carrying case are all lower than all international brands.

  International trade has no eternal friends, only eternal interests. Domestic autonomy can only be strengthened if faced with trade sanctions. The spiritual "pilgrimage" is of course important, and there is no more "pilgrimage" in the entity.