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Contact Tricases

Shanghai Tricases Plastics Technology Co., Ltd.

Hot line:86-021-67151262


E-mail: cases@tricases.com

Address:28 Changbangcun rd, Fengxian, Shanghai China.

About us



Shanghai Tricases plastics technology Co.Ltd is located at the Fengxian district of Shanghai, we have advanced machines ,powerful strength and also have good management。       

The serials of Tricases protect cases absorb the most advanced technology of world, which be used by military technology of the United States who still use it , and Tricases also combined with the practical needs of today's consumers, to constantly improve the product design, so Tricses cases quickly became the top brand of China.   We have reliable quality, profound cultural connotation, and good service, our products have already became the supply of military.

We look forward to use our broad mind and reliable quality to support China's rapid development of manufacturing equipment packaging.  

“The Tricases cases have advantages such as durable, waterproof, lightweight and exible, it can be used in photography and video, information electronics, radio and television equipment, marine diving, outdoor activities, public safety, fire service law enforcement, government and military procurement, aerospace and other fields. 

The Tricases cases could bear hard impact and could give the best protect for customer’ goods, no matter environment how bad, there is no need worry under the protect of Tricases, we could offer the best solutions for packing and transportation of precision apparatus and equipment.